Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Wedding

Here are some pictures from Courtney and Kain's lovely wedding on Friday. The day started stormy and ended that way--yet the sun broke out just before the ceremony and lasted until after the reception. That was when Court removed her shoes, where her mother had taped an English pence coin for luck. As soon as the shoes came off, it started to pour.

Of course, you can see neither my shoes nor my jewelry (except a glimpse of earring) in these pix, but I wanted to share anyway. Thank you all for giving me tons of ideas and input! :) And a big congrats to the Courtnerd, a fabulous friend since age 12.

Top photo: Kain and Courtney after the ceremony at the Albany Country Club
middle: Courtney with her parents, Sue and Tom (age 92! look how handsome!) behind her
bottom two: Friends since elementary school, from l to r, Leah, Courtney, Nellie, and me

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