Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cycles of Circular Motion

I love circles. It's amazing that something so impossible to draw well is so easy to form with the right tools. To me, circles represent both the finite and the infinite; the simple beauty and vast complexity of life. Plus, they look undeniably cool nestled right in the middle of your clavicle.

My bestseller is the Grace Sterling Silver Circle Necklace:

Today, I created two more circle necklaces, this time out of base metal in a gold tone, with focal stones in Grossular Garnet and Carnelian, respectively:

So I think I'll go out on a limb and say that circles are a Clementine jewelry signature style.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Etsy Christmas

One of my favorite customers (who also happens to be an Etsy seller--Yarnpirate) has been posting about buying handmade this holiday season. She sweetly mentioned ShopClementine on her blog, which I was super psyched about. And if I could knit to save my life (seriously, if I were being tortured and had to chose between knitting a scarf and waterboarding, I'd go waterboarding all the way) I would buy all her yarn because her colorways are to die for.

So follow Yarnpirate's lead and make this Christmas a handmade holiday and support the artisans who work to make qualilty goods year-round.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welcome Etsy v2!

Like any good birth (or rebirth), Etsy v2's entrance has been dramatic. Love it or hate it (but mostly, you gotta love it), the new Etsy.com is poised to take the lead this online holiday shopping season.

But first, we've got to get over a few humps. As with any complete relaunch of a website, Etsy's got a number of bugs right now. In homage, I created a "Buggy" treasury list. It's featured today on the home page! Hopefully this is just the first of many times ShopClementine is front-and-center on Etsy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I dream of rolling mills and dappling blocks

This past summer, I spent a week in a metals course at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA. There, I made a beeline for the rolling mill, a very expensive roller that allows you to make impressions on metal. Oh, how I dream of having the unlimited funds that would allow me to play with metals and rolling mills and dappling blocks all day.

My favorite impression was made by lace, and produced a fantastic snakeskin-like effect. I created this cuff out of brass and copper. The body of the cuff is just under two inches wide. The underside is mirror-smooth, and the top features the lace effect. Sitting on top, anchored by a brass rivet, is a domed copper circle with a contrasting snakeskin effect.

Honestly, the thing is gorgeous. And it's truly one-of-a-kind, since unless I find some rich benefactor who wants to buy me a rolling mill, dappling blocks, and a whole lot of sheet metal, I doubt I'll be able to duplicate it anytime soon. I toyed with keeping it for myself, but realized it would bring me more pleasure to have someone else wear and love it.

Check it out in my shop at Etsy.com.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let the holiday shopping season begin!

Yes, it's that time. No matter that you still haven't gotten all the caramel off your keyboard from the Halloween candy. You'd better start buying for the Holidays now--or else.

Here to help you is the Modish Holiday Guift Guide. This year, the Modish guide features a ShopClementine charm necklace. At $19, it's a serious holiday no-brainer.

Alright, already, I'll jump off the bridge if everyone else is doing it.

Hello blogland. Let's start this puppy off with a bang--or a close fascimile thereof.

I make jewelry. Sparkly, pretty jewelry. I have a shop on Etsy.com -- http://ShopClementine.etsy.com -- and I have listings on http://www.HomeGrownMarket.com (search ShopClementine). Check them out!

On Monday, October 30, my Gemstone Simplicity necklace was featured on Arizona's Sonoran Living. You can find it on both HomeGrownMarket and Etsy. And yes, it really is that sparkly in person.