Friday, May 30, 2008

Things We Make has added a great new blog called Things We Make, full of features of artists, crafters and makers and their creations. I'm so thrilled to have my Radiant Hibiscus Earrings highlighted today, with a nice editorial. Check it out!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Studio Envy

I've been suffering some serious studio envy recently. Poppytalk has a great "Studio Spaces" feature full of inspiring photos and wonderful tidbits of the work habits of fellow artists and designers.

My workspace suffered a loss when I had to take down my big inspiration board. It was just toooo big and kept slipping down the wall. So now I have a tiny version that I made from a frame, some batting, and fabric—but it's just not the same.

If I could, I'd have a desk the length of one wall, like in this photo from BluePoppyJewelry.

studio9, originally uploaded by poppytalkblog.

There, I'd have my beads and tools right next to my drilling and torching area--imagine, making findings and then having all my beads right there next to me! Currently, my torching, pickling, sawing, and piercing desk is down in the basement, while all my beads, pliers, and chain are upstairs.

A fantastic inspiration board is a must. Just look at Sushipot's.

sushipotinspirationboard, originally uploaded by poppytalkblog.

The inspiration clothesline is fantastic, a brilliant idea that I can't wait to adopt. Here it is via Dolan Geiman.

Inspiration Clothesline, originally uploaded by poppytalkblog.

Mostly, I want space to spread out, where I can pour out a bunch of different beads into big and small bowls and get to work. I love this little vignette from BluePoppyJewelry. This seems like the perfect way to spark creativity.

Studio5, originally uploaded by poppytalkblog.