Friday, November 10, 2006

I dream of rolling mills and dappling blocks

This past summer, I spent a week in a metals course at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA. There, I made a beeline for the rolling mill, a very expensive roller that allows you to make impressions on metal. Oh, how I dream of having the unlimited funds that would allow me to play with metals and rolling mills and dappling blocks all day.

My favorite impression was made by lace, and produced a fantastic snakeskin-like effect. I created this cuff out of brass and copper. The body of the cuff is just under two inches wide. The underside is mirror-smooth, and the top features the lace effect. Sitting on top, anchored by a brass rivet, is a domed copper circle with a contrasting snakeskin effect.

Honestly, the thing is gorgeous. And it's truly one-of-a-kind, since unless I find some rich benefactor who wants to buy me a rolling mill, dappling blocks, and a whole lot of sheet metal, I doubt I'll be able to duplicate it anytime soon. I toyed with keeping it for myself, but realized it would bring me more pleasure to have someone else wear and love it.

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