Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A bear a day

Seriously, this blog is turning into my personal version of Wild Kingdom. But I just realized I failed to share these pix from my recent Close Encounter of the Bear Kind.

This lady (I'm pretty sure it's the momma of the cub I sent scurrying up the tree a couple weeks ago) came right up to the house in broad daylight the other day. She went to climb up on the deck, thought better of it, walked thru the Wisteria arbor and sat under it for a moment (clearly appreciating my expert vine training skills, right?) and then walked away down the slope into the woods. I, of course, ran around the house like a freak, jamming the memory card the wrong way into my camera and running frantically to take her picture before she disappeared. Then, yesterday, I was driving home and I caught her hanging out in the road. She's clearly the neighborhood bear. Where are my manners? I should totally invite her over for tea and honey.


Bella said...

Love your bear neighbor...but be careful, I found out the hard way to not snap pics when the cubs are near!
...and is that a PINK Adirondack chair??? awesome!

carollai said...

wow!!! that's crazy!