Monday, June 08, 2009

Fashion Challenge: Winner!

BloggerY'all, this was a HARD decision. Everyone came up with such fabulous options! I found it so fantastic that both Nicole and Amy suggested the same adorable shoe from Seychelles as their option # 2. And all of you who created photo collages! My hat is off to you, seriously. Too, too wonderful.

It was really, really close for me, but ultimately I chose this winner because of the way she explained her choices, she put so much thought into each element and how they went together:

Shrimp Salad Circus said...This is such a fun way to pick out an outfit!!!

Okay, I would go with these New York Transit strappy wedges from DSW (free shipping!). The low wedge is sensible and clumsy-proof for wedding dancing, and the muted 'jewels' tie in the purple from the dress, bring in a few extra summery colors, and dress the shoes up a bit, and they're nude to blend with the jacket!

For jewelry, I love your Honeysuckle earrings to add a bright pop of color and serious 'bling' above the dress. I would not wear a necklace because you don't want to detract from the darling jacket or from its beautiful neckline if you ditch the jacket, but you do want to add another punch of color and to show off the cute short sleeves, so I would add this Midnight at the Oasis ring because it's a real statement piece. Both jewery pieces echo the jewels and jewel tones in the shoes without detracting from the outfit.

Good luck picking something out!!!

So Congrats to shrimpsaladcircus! I'll be getting in touch later today. And a big thank you to each of you for helping me dress myself! You all have fantastic taste :)


Naomi said...

oh, well done! have fun. i assume you'll show us pictures.

lillyella said...

oh congrats, Lindsay!! Those sandals are fabulous. I love the pop of color.

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Thanks so much!!! So glad you like my compilation, and I can't wait to see pictures from the wedding - and to get my beautiful necklace!!!
- Lindsay