Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Paper 'N Stitch Love

The newest exhibition of Paper N Stitch launched last week. I re-enlisted for another exhibit and I'm so, so pleased with the amazing talent in this newest group of artists! Herewith, my favorites from this month's group. And please stop by my corner and give me a heart—the seller with the most hearts gets a sweet prize. And you want me to get a prize, right? :)

Glowing Forest by Marco Suarez, $65

Zaha by Essimar Papel, $24

I Remember the Sun by Nancy Tobin, $20

Specimen 652 by D. S. Brennan Photography, $30

Dew by My Fine Garden, $30

Charred Silk Scarf by Phydeaux Designs, $60

Crystal Lattice by Brandi Strickland, $30

Tamsyn Ring by The B-Line $19

Leather Bomber Jacket by Winifred and Bance, $119


Amy said...

I absolutely love crystal lattice and specimen 652. These selections are gorgeous! And thanks for choosing my ring! I'll go "heart" you straightaway!

Clementine said...

Amy-- you're so welcome! I love your clay flowers, they're so sweet. I'm glad you like the selections, this month's exhibit is so strong it was hard picking just a few favorites.

pink cupcake vintage said...

oh that ring!

Designers' Brew said...

they're all great, but I think the top is my favorite...

Clementine said...

D.B.-- {shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me too}