Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Look what I just found, outside. LOOk!!! (yes, I'm shouting at you, my poor, unsuspecting blog readers, but I'm so. excited.) DAFFODIL NUBBINS!!! Coming out of the ground!!!

Now that you've jumped up and down with me, I have to apologize for what is clearly the ugliest photo I've ever posted here, a photo only a daffodil-nubbin's mother could love.

So here, a palette cleanser, some pix from a lovely book I bought today: Designer Plant Combinations by Scott Calhoun. The name is totally 80s, but the book offers some gorgeous combinations (always a challenge for me--finding plants that go well together, not only in color but in habit, height, etc) that I'm just itching to get out there and work with.

The first photo is by me (duh, it blows), the second is Charles Mann, and the third and fourth are Scott Calhoun.


P. said...

Oh man, I love me some daff-nubs.

cindy : quaint said...

come on, don't be shy little daffodils ;)!

Clementine said...

go, daffodils, go!

heh, daff-nubs. Sounds like the "urban" slang for some cool new drug combo, like PCP and heroin smoked in a big bong or something.

(and thank you P. and C. for jumping up and down with me, as I'm sure you both did :)