Friday, March 06, 2009

one day a year

1. Ski training in Siberia, Russia - 80s, 2. Ice skiing, 3. Owani Ski Jo. Japan, 4. Skiing Big White, 5. Evening on skis, 6. Ski de fond, 7. Skiing On The Slopes, 8. N is for Night Skiing, 9. skiing at the end of the world

that's about as much as I get to go skiing. In the last few years, we've picked the best days—sunny, warm, perfect conditions. Berkshire East was nearly empty, and it was a special Mass residents day— $15 lift ticket. How can you beat that? Of course, I forgot my camera, but Mary didn't. Here's us below--minus Rob, who skied off before we got the camera out (me on L, Mary on R)

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