Wednesday, August 03, 2011

portraits from penland

I hit a bit of a wall this weekend and into this week- an intricate prong setting collapsed on the final solder and two flush setting bands went all wrong. Thank god for sparkling spanish cava and new friends with whom to drink it.


melissa loves said...

These images are gorgeous, my friend. I cannot wait to see what you come up with what you have gleaned there. It looks like so much fun!

June said...

Beautiful pictures!

kate said...

oh beautiful shots from the studio!

nothing worse than bits and pieces collapsing on the final solder - so frustrating! hope they turned out ok!

Rebecca said...

Such gorgeous photos! So sorry to hear about your collapsed prong setting, how maddening. Sometimes you just have to walk away. And cava sure helps!

lillyella said...

AK! Im so jealous it's painful! But Im so super excited that you are there :)
cant wait to see more!

F.L.S Magazin said...

it's amazing job dear Friend. i wish u good luck. xoxo