Monday, August 29, 2011

Flash Flood

 It poured in buckets yesterday. Torrential barely begins to describe it. I talked to a neighbor who said she measured 14 inches of rain in 12 hours. So that would explain the flash floods we experienced. It explains them, but it doesn't begin to describe them. It was like something you watch on the news, mudslides in Chile or sink holes in Guatemala. The epic power of mother nature to deposit an unfathomable amount of water in just minutes. The road here was washed out in both directions. (that photo above shows my road being washed out from right to left, an enormous amount of rainwater that had nowhere to go but down). You can see a couple videos I took during the storm here and here. And today, all that's left is the damage; all that water is just gone. So bizarre!

Some ingenious neighbors (who happen to own a logging company) built a bridge from timbers to cover the gaping hole left after the flooding subsided. And yay! We're officially accessible again.


susy said...

Oh, wow! So glad you are all right! That looks scary!

I was worried for you. My mom and dad are in the Adirondacks and said it was getting crazy - flooding, trees down, no power for a week, boats and docks missing in action... Honestly I think the eastern mountain regions got it much worse than the coast. I am just glad you are okay. Even if your road is not.
Thinking of you!

Love, Sus

becca.elpy said...

they showed video of the flooding in MA. it was rather humbling. and made me thankful as it seems our little area of CT escaped without a lot of serious damage.

Pravina Studio said...

That's really incredible. Glad to see things are about back to normal. And glad it wasn't worse!!

Clementine said...

Sus - you are so sweet, thank you for your kind thoughts. And I hope your parents are faring okay!

Becca- I know, it's surreal!

Diana- SO thankful it wasn't worse!