Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeding the Beast

...OR: Cassie goes to an Orchid Show.

And I thought I had a problem. Really, I've only just scratched the surface. 15, 16 orchids? Pshaw! This weekend, I gazed into the maw of serious orchid obsession. And what did I do? I bought three more plants.

The show was hosted by the Amherst Orchid Society. The lighting was atrocious (I apologize for the flagrant use of a flash in many of these pix, but it couldn't be helped. And more pix here.) Man, were there some crazy-ass plants there. Plus, if I ever decide I'm done with jewelry making (don't worry, it's not gonna happen), I'll sell orchids to frozen New Englanders in February. Seriously, it was like What recession? in there. But it was good to see people spending on something they loved.

And yes, I know orchids are, like, so 1996, but I don't care. I like them, so shut up. :)


P said...

Oh, pretty pretty. I love orchids, but can't seem to make them rebloom.

Clementine said...

okay, P., here's where I geek out on you. Two basic orchid rules: you can't go wrong with a windowsill when it's not blooming, and don't overwater it. Just cuz they're tropical doesn't mean you water them every day (thank god). Also, if it's a phalaeonopsis (the most common type, aka moth orchids), when it's done blooming, only cut the stem to just below where the last bloom was, not all the way down at the bottom. The stalk will produce another bloom stem that way.