Friday, August 17, 2007

Crime Scene Photos

So, I just went up into the attic of the garage to start collecting craft show stuff. And what do I find, hiding under a tarp, but a horrifying crime scene.

(Note to self: try to remember to remove food items from boxes after you move and *before* you store them in the garage and forget about them for three years)

Not only did the little buggers (raccoons? porcupines? opossum?) get at my Good Cocoa (MarieBelle, yuuuuummmmm.....I can't believe I forgot about it), BUT THEY PRANCED ALL AROUND WITH THEIR COCOA-COVERED PAWS. Seriously, that's just rude.


Scottiepants said...

The top pic reminds me of the X-Files eps with Eugene Victor Tooms, builder of gross nests and eater of livers.

melroska said...

oh my goodness, those little chocolate pawprints are too much to bear!

Artemisia said...

FYI... Be careful about touching that stuff. It's possible that those animals could be carrying rabies. You should check with your doctor or the animal control people in your town.