Thursday, April 21, 2011

barn study

Everything is still all brown and wet and decidedly un-spring-like 'round here. I always laugh at Easter ads that feature leaves and flowers and green grass. HA! More like mud and debris and lilac bushes with plow damage. I recently used the phrase "frost heaves" in conversation with Melissa and Marichelle and they thought I was talking about a gastrointestinal disorder. Ahhh, New England.

So what is there to look at right now? Um, barns. That's about it. I took these photos at the newly opened Bullitt Reservation right here in Ashfield.


Lauren Haupt Estes said...

Yes, frost heaves! I think I am loosing my Massachusetts lingo. Sad? I'm not sure :)
These are beauties though, I'll take one please!

Brian Christopher said...

Great set of photos!

Debbie Jin Yu said...

Nice photo

Cat said...

Love pictures of barns...I think it is the rustic appeal that sucks me in :)

xx Cat brideblu