Friday, January 22, 2010

Goodbye to all that

Goodbye gorgeous cove and strange boulder hills that look like Koala bears.
Goodbye sweet hosts and food I gorged upon.
Goodbye weird plants and warm sun.
Goodbye sand dunes and daytime moon.
Goodbye unused post office and cargo trains.
Hello New England Winter.


Cait* said...

I am absolutely GUSHING over all your photos. I apparently hadn't been up to date on your last few posts and they are simply amazing. After seeing them I'm thinking I might have to head out there again in June....I must ask though, how did you get access to The Bunny Club? Stunning. Thanks!

cindy said...

thank you for sharing that amazing big sky country!

Clementine said...

Hi Cait--

I'm so glad you like the pix!
We were able to go to the bunny club because the friends we were staying with are friends with the owners of the "club." It all felt very secretive and clandestine, I don't think many people know it's there. What a strange experience that was!

bigBANG studio said...

wait, that's my hood! and kelso! and the dunes!

and i thought i knew all the oddball hole-in-the-wall places out here! ok, i know it's private and all but you MUST give me a little more info about das bunny club. what, exactly IS it? DYING to know.

and ps just out of curiosity, how did you come across my blawg? hooray for the hi-dez and all it's awesome, freakish glory!

Unknown said...

Cool photos! I'm a Bunny Clubber myself.

Unknown said...

Cool photos! I'm a Bunny Clubber myself.