Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The weirdest things about Las Vegas:

• People smoking inside. Everywhere. But mostly at the slot machines.
• The sheer number of naked statues. Naked statues with protruding boobs and bits that compel everyone who passes by to take a photo with their hands on them.
• You never have to go outside. You can move from one casino to another and another inside.
• There are wild animals caged on the ground floor of your hotel.
• Each night on your way to the elevator bank that serves your room floor, you will pass go-go dancers posed in the Os of the word 'Revolution.' Which will not seem very revolutionary.
• Couture label stores (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Louboutin) everywhere without a soul shopping in them.
• The slot machines no longer take quarters. When you go to the cashier and say "I have $50 in quarters" they will not change them into bills for you.
• By the time you make your way to The Bellagio and see the giant Chihuly installation in the lobby, you will be underwhelmed because of all the other crap you've already seen.
• The food is generally really good. Like, unexpectedly good.
• The facade of the Venetian is actually pretty. And the "canals" are swimming pools with boats instead of people.
• There's a volcano at The Mirage that "explodes" every hour. And you will enjoy it.


tattytiara said...

Oh I do love the bizzaro world beauty that is Las Vegas. Great photos - the perspective on that chandelier is breathtaking.

msbelle said...

Wonderful pics!! (I want your camera) Looks like a lot of fun!

My hubby went to LV two years in a row for conferences for his work. One year he stayed at the Bellagio and the next at the Venetian. He said it was an amazing and unusual place. He loved the food. He didn't get to do that much sightseeing, but he said he'd love to go back. I've never been. :(

What Possessed Me said...

Girl, your photos are FANTASTIC. Really, really beautiful. I've never been to Las Vegas - now I want to go. xoxo

Clementine said...

Thank you so much for your compliments, ladies!

G. and P.-- the good thing about Vegas is, unlike say Venice or the snows on Kilimanjaro, it will always be there. :)

Cait* said...

I just love it. The trick with the Chihuly is to stay at the Bellagio (like I did!) so its the first thing you see! And do buffet breakfast there...biscuits and gravy are second to none. Who woulda thought?! You pictures cracked me up because I have so many similar ones from my trip a couple years ago...including Bochon..except I ended up in the ER...but thats a story for another day. Love love love all your postssss!!!!!