Friday, October 02, 2009

Things I've Found In the Woods

I'm a collector. In in the woods or in the fields, I'll often pick things up off the ground and stick them in my pocket. There was one hike in particular, I remember I walked home with a dozen large rocks filling every pocket.

Inspired by Mrs. French's new flickr group, I've decided to start documenting the various things I find and feel compelled to keep. Join me here every week to see what new thing or things have caught my eye. And as always, click to enlarge. :)

"Time devours all things" —Ovid


jennifer said...

oooh, cool!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is SO cool hun, the way you have laid it out is beautiful....I wonder what kind of animal it came from?

Katie said...

A friend of mine once told me that she was a Thing Finder. I loved that term so much, I adopted it. I'm always picking up something. Can't wait to see the rest of your treasures!

Katie said...

and I am SO going to join that flickr group. I just looked at it. thanks~

Clementine said...

Thanks, ladies!
Melis, I'm not sure what animal it was. All I can tell is it's not canid (coyote or fox). Otherwise, I'm stumped. Deer, maybe? dunno.

cindy said...

it is really cool. you have the nicest places to wander. enjoy your weekend with the world's favorite chocolate lab. where's the stick ;)?

karey m. said...

jewels: stunning. photos: dreamy crisp.

zeke? like a handsome man.

seriously loving your shop!

Clementine said...

Thank you so much, Karey! I'm so psyched you stopped by--and that you're blogging again!

Gary Heller said...

Thats an interesting find and a good idea. I had found an entire raccoon skull and after looking about for info on the web learned that it came from a young male because of a ridge at the top of the skull.
This looks like a herbivore of some kind with all those molars but hard to tll because of its being fragmented