Friday, August 07, 2009

Super Summer Sale!

The goldenrod is out, the cicadas are droning.... It's time for the late summer Clementine clearance! I've got so much cool stuff waiting for its fall debut, but first I've got to make some room. So I've put a large number of items on sale, some up to 40% off! Come treat yourself or someone you love—everything here is on sale.


jennifer said...

Oh, how fun, I’d love to join! Looking forward to seeing some friendly faces (you don’t know how much we appreciate that, it’s such a loooong show)! Let me know when you hash out the details!

jennifer said...

ok, i just realized that sounded totally out of context cause I guess, well, it kind of is:)

smartchic said...

i've been eyeing your creations for some time now, really nice pieces you have in your etsy shop. my faves in your summer collections are the emerald lily earrings and the stargazer necklace.