Sunday, August 23, 2009

Book Review

In today's New York Times Book Review, my father's memoir. We knew the book was assigned for review several months ago; my mom and I had given up hope that the review would run. But low and behold, here it is. And as my mom said, "boy, did that reviewer sure have Bob's number." Especially that part about the Morphine haze! Oh, if she only knew.

My dad would have been ecstatic to see this review. Please excuse me while I shed a few tears—grief and pride, combined.


Suzanne said...

That was so touching. Sounds like such an interesting life. Memoirs and biographies are my favourite books to read. I will definitely keep a look out for your father's next time I'm at the bookstore.

Katie said...

What a great review for the book! Sounds like your dad was a real pistol. :)

cindy said...

your dad really lived life to it's fullest. a rich life. he covered every spectrum, which probably makes his memoir read like a novel. his passing is still so recent for you. the review really brings him to the present, again. hope that makes some sense. xo, c

T. said...

Dear Cassie,

I happened upon your blog while looking through Etsy wares one day. Your jewelry is beautiful but your posts are just as special. I have really enjoyed reading your entries.

Your dad must have been very proud of you. He sounded like quite an amazing man. I will look for his memoir when I'm at the bookstore.

All best wishes,

lauraB said...

Cassie, I read your dad's book and found it incredibly touching, gripping, and delightfully told, albeit gruff. Like the reviewer said, I tried to slow down near the end so as to prolong the narrative because it was so compelling. Your father sounds like an incredible man and I'm so happy he was able to share the adventures (both good and bad) that life brought him. He embraced those adventures fully.

I'm going to give a copy of the book to my Dad for his birthday, and I'm sure he will love it as much as I do.

You have every right to be proud of your father. Thank you for letting us know about his work, and I hope you cherish the years you had with him, as well as the stories he told you in person.

What Possessed Me said...

Just read the review - what a wonderful tribute to your dad. He sounded like an amazing man. Big hug to you honeybun.

Clementine said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words, you're so sweet! :)

jennifer said...

Wow, cassie. What a life lived, you must be so proud.