Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm old.

I'm old.... according to the Haverford College Magazine. Remember when you were a "young alumn?" You were still a little psyched to drink in public, and you were heady with your new job, so much better than the one you had right after graduation. You were getting engaged, maybe moving to cities in far-off coastal regions. Then, suddenly, it was 10 years since you graduated. Now, "young alumni" are Class of 1999 and up. The rest of you? No better than Cloris Leechman, "dancing" on national tv.

I might as well don a tracksuit and buy a condo in Boca.


P said...

That means I'm drinking Zima in my support hose.

Clementine said...

No, seriously, does Spanx sell on the market? Because I'm thinking it's the only sure bet in this economy.

tonya said...

dear jesus, why are they trying to make us old? fight it, fight it!

Sara A. said...

I just found your blog and I was so surprised to see Haverford!! I'm an alum and I'm definitely on the cusp of leaving the young alum category. I love your blog and etsy shop - congrats on all your success!
From the Ford :)
- Sara