Thursday, April 21, 2011

barn study

Everything is still all brown and wet and decidedly un-spring-like 'round here. I always laugh at Easter ads that feature leaves and flowers and green grass. HA! More like mud and debris and lilac bushes with plow damage. I recently used the phrase "frost heaves" in conversation with Melissa and Marichelle and they thought I was talking about a gastrointestinal disorder. Ahhh, New England.

So what is there to look at right now? Um, barns. That's about it. I took these photos at the newly opened Bullitt Reservation right here in Ashfield.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Photobombing 101 with Lulu

Lulu says: listen up, all the kitties of the world. This is how you do it. Photobombs away!
1) is your mom doing a shoot with some of that stuff she makes? get over there!
2) put your butt on it
It's really just that easy, kitties. You're welcome.