Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stack 'em high.

 The Clementine labradorite ring Jennifer now wears.
 My new Odette leaf ring.

 Jennifer's mix-and-match stack.

While at the rousingly successful pop-up shop hosted by Melissa and Marichelle, I got to do some shopping for me. I already have a large collection of pieces by Jennifer of Odette NY, but clearly I needed more. And she needed a new labradorite and goldfill ring that I just recently finished. So we traded. Gotta love that. I also pulled all the rings off Jeni's wedding ring finger for up-close oggling. So much pretty! There are some Satomi Kawakita pieces in there. I am a firm believer in the mix-and-match, stack-and-stack-some-more philosophy when it comes to rings.


jennifer said...

Love my new ring!! Getting lots of oohs and aahs...

Erin Jane - Erin Jane Designs said...

Gorgeous....all of them! What a group at the pop-up shop. How fun :)

gabriela said...

Good luck ,Great post,y love you!

Kristine said...


I'm totaly in love with these rings.
Thanks for sharing ;)

By the way!
What a beautiful and inspiring blog.
Beautiful pictures!
This is my first time visiting, and I will be back

Have a nice day ;)

Imogen said...

oh I really love these rings! I'm a firm believer in stack and stack some more too!
These look really good, great post :)