Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Peanut recycling

YOU GUYS! I found a use for that giant stash of used packing peanuts I've been collecting in the basement. I know, I know. Super exciting.

Behold: packing peanut planters! These sweet galvanized steel planters from CB2 are really good-looking, but they have a ton of dead space and no drainage holes. Fill them halfway with old packing peanuts, though, and taaada! Recycled planting mojo, complete with built-in drainage for the soil and plants above (or something like that.)

Plant deets: Victoria blue Salvia (I'm totally ready for a visit from Lindsay Lohan!) and savannah grass. (The blue salvia is only hardy to, like, zone 8 or something crazy like that so I just treat it like an annual.)

1 comment:

melissa loves said...

I LOVE it! They are great looking and blue salvia gets me everytime....great idea hunnie!