Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bumper crop

I just can't eat the kale fast enough. It's overflowing the little raised beds, so happy and hearty and green. I scoop it up in huge handfulls and use it for a daily lunch smoothie. If you put enough fruit in there, you never taste the kale. Which is basically the only way I eat it.

My typical smoothie will have a banana and kale, almond milk, maybe some nonfat greek yogurt or whey protein powder, some carrots, and some frozen fruit- blueberries, strawberries, maybe mango. Yummers. And for some reason, frozen berries taste better in a smoothie than fresh to me. Anyone else find that?


Valerie said...

I've never had kale, but I guess if there were enough fruit mixed in, I could try it in a smoothie, too. You make gardening look so good!

Erin Jane - Erin Jane Designs said...

Beautiful photos, Cassie! I only use frozen berries in my smoothies too! Plus whey protein, yogurt and almond milk. Similar, but way more boring. Time to branch out...

melissa loves said... all looks so gorgeous hun! And those peonies! swoon....they always make me swoon. :)

Rebecca said...

That actually sounds pretty good Cassie, especially considering there's kale in there ;) Looks like you have still been having some wet weather. Can you get rid of that for me before I get home? Your garden looks gorgeous though!