Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm keeping this baby.

 It's not very often that I spend a lot of time creating something completely one-of-a-kind and then decide to keep it for myself. But this crazy lace agate ring? It's mine now. I had originally planned to leave the sterling silver bright, but I just oxidized it dark yesterday. I knew it would make the white pop more, but was so pleasantly surprised when it really made the pink and mauve tones come alive. I just love the suggestion of femininity in this stone, the lace detail and the color palette.

If you're a maker, do you have a hard time keeping things you make for yourself, especially if they're one-of-a-kind? Is it hard to justify the loss of that potential income, or do you consider it a kind of advertising, if you know you'll wear it/use it a lot?

{ and if you really, really like this stone and ring combo, I have two more Crazy Lace Agate stones, I'm thinking about setting them this way and putting them in the shop, so stay tuned! }


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous Cassie!

white owl said...

I can't say I blame you- It's really gorgeous!
I have had my eye on your rings but I just can't decide which one I want yet:)

lillyella said...

good decision, cassie. I totally would have kept that too. In fact if I ever come visit, I may just keep it for myself :)

when I used to create differently, coming up with designs and then making them to order, I didn't have a big problem with wanting to keep everything.

But since my life changed with my Dad, and thus my creating changed, now that Im making mostly ooak or limited run pieces, it's a constant struggle. But I love that I have such a renewed love, I guess I could say. That Im so happy with everything Im making I want to keep it all. That means Im making what I love, not what i think I should make.

It's important to keep some things for yourself. The income aspect is hard, especially these days, but you gotta take care of number one :)

cant wait to see the other new rings, you've got a great eye.

Clementine said...

Thank you so much, ladies!

Nicole, when you come to visit, I'll know to hide the gems ;) And I totally agree, the impulse to keep your own pieces is really a great sign of where you are creatively!