Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dear Blog, I suck. Sincerely, your owner.

Welllllll hidey-ho, there! Yes, I admit it, I kinda forgot this space existed there for a little while. Okay, so, here's what I've been up to:

Mega gem show loot + kickin butt & taking names w/my DSLR camera has led to some of my favorite pieces/photos yet for ShopClementine:

And then there's the garden, which has just exploded with all the heat we've been having. Something new is popping everyday - but it's all dying off so quickly.

And the most gorgeous (and FUN, which is even more significant) baby shower I've ever had the pleasure of attending. See mom-to-be Marichelle's fantastic photos here.

If you've made it to the end of this post, thank you. You are a good person. :)


noblegnome said...

You're doing a lot better than I am. I owe my blog chocolate, it's been so long. Gorgeous...no, stunning new pieces. If you ever have a free moment, come to Maine and take my photos will you?! Or at least give me lessons.

Clementine said...

Chocolate! Yes, I totally owe this blog some chocolate. Perhaps a large bar of 70% dark with sea salt??

Thanks for the sweet words about my photos -but yours are pretty damn good!! :)

Tallulah said...

Ah, thanks for saying that about the shower my friend,:) That makes me happy! And these photos & earrings are GORGEOUS. Such great shots!

BlackStar said...

Those are some incredible photos there dudette! Holds hand out for some chocolate. :)

Clementine said...

Melis- I've never ever laughed as much at any shower as I did at that one - it was so nice! (and thanks for the compliments :)

Katie - thank you! :) *hands you some special interwebs chocolate*

cindy said...

it's quality baby not quantity! i do love those jewels and those water droplets - oh boy!

Eileen said...

Cassie..I love being here! and you crack me up! :) Ahhh, your earrings are beautiful!! My gosh! and I love the photo of the water drops on the fern! I saw the shower photos at Lifeflix and Melissa Loves! You girls know how to throw a party! So sweet! :)

What Possessed Me said...

Those are some beauts, girl! Fantastic photographs of your beautiful earrings. xoxo

OpusMuse said...

Your work & photograph is stunning! I want lessons too...but there just one problem...I live in Singapore! You fly? *LOL*