Friday, February 12, 2010

Mid-Winter. Blurgh.

Ahhh, mid-February. How I hate you so.

This is about the time when I become slightly unhinged. There won't be leaves on the trees for another 3 months. And there's only so much white one brain can handle in any given day. And right now, the view in every direction is white. So I latched on to the White Flower Farm catalog pretty hard when it arrived last week. Here are my "in my dreams!" picks:

A black iris!! Now that's cool. And a potential band name, if I go back in time to 1998.

This "Dawn and Dusk" duo: Clematis and climbing roses. So English country sweet! I don't deserve such a pretty floral display.

Flowering Quince: siiiiiigggghhhh.

Smokebush: there's something about this that reminds me of Elaine dancing on Seinfeld. In a good way.

A man-eating Hosta! Does it come with a large stick for measuring?

And the flower of my dreams, Hellebores. Thank you, Martha Stewart, for yet another flower obsession.

All photos via White Flower Farm


Erin Jane said...

Ahhh...thank you for posting these beauties. Nice to see something that's not bare, wilted and dead! I feel the same about this time of year - I need sun!

Pravina Studio said...

Oh I hear you on the winter woes! There is light (literally) at the end of the tunnel, the days will be an hour longer in just about a month. That will make a lot of difference! Hang in there :)

cindy said...

i love the black iris and all black flowers for some reason. i know, it's the opposite of the white in snow! enjoy your weekend!

BlackStar said...

I love black irises and black flowers in general. I may have to get one of those this year. I'll have to see how hardy they are first.

Clementine said...

Oh, I'm so glad you all enjoyed these blooms! The days are already noticeably longer, but spring takes a long time to make it all the way to the growing things here in the Berkshires. Cindy, I think you're right about the lure of black flowers = the opposite of winter!

Katie, White Flower Farm says that black iris in the pic is hardy to zone 3--- that should def. work for you, right? Siberian irises are one of the flowers I *know* will do well here, we're supposedly zone 5 on the map but have a lot of zone 4 attributes (i.e. Really Freaking Cold Wind Chill Temps).

tinypaperheart said...

such pretty photos. :)

What Possessed Me said...

Girl, PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE. That catalogue is like black heroine. I'm also going a bit nutsy fagen this winter, but the David Austinr rose catalogue is just the upper I need.

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