Monday, November 02, 2009

Painting Faces

Halloween was sorta sad this year: nothing ruins a good trick-or-treat like a drenching rain. I went to Elmer's hoping to get some great pix of kids in costume, getting their faces painted by Nan (small town business owner/New Orleans Jazz Fest Art Director). I left having only taken about 5 pictures total—mostly because I felt weird taking pictures of other people's children. Am I the only one who feels creepy doing that?

I also wanted to share this short film that won our town's 3rd annual film festival this year. Set at Elmer's, it stars several of my coworkers and involves a music scene (featuring several local singer/songwriters, see if you know 'em) that was filmed one day while I was working. Fun! It's a pretty dang cute and funny short, I think you'll enjoy it. Plus, now you'll have a mental image of where I work every Sunday (and where, despite my promises, I did not greet each new customer with a menu and a "Welcome to Autumn, F*ckheads!" yesterday).


cindy said...

i feel weird taking photos of other people big or small.

zannestar said...

LOVE THOSE PANCAKES!!! Missing Elmer's and Western MA. Izzy has grown out of her Elmer's T-shirt. Thanks for the memories! xo