Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the dadster

I was trying to power through today when I saw a post by K. on the rikrak studio blog--it's her late father's birthday today as well. What a coincidence. So I thought I'd share a sweet photo and put a birthday wish out into the world for my dad, who would have been 65 today.


P. said...

What a beautiful photo. Sending up b'day wishes to your dad. And hugs to you, Cassie. xoxoxo

Clementine said...

Thanks, P. :)
I'd like to note three things about that photo:
1) my dad's honking watch! look at that thing.
2) my teddy bear is advertising US News and World Report
3) I was blonde! totally blonde! sigh.

That's definitely one of my favorite pix of the two of us. oh, also, I SO WISH my dad still had that NYC road runner's tshirt around. That was a kick-ass tshirt.