Friday, January 16, 2009

Easing back

I've been uncertain of how to return to this little blogspot. I've been away from it so long, mending and ruminating.

So I thought I'd ease in, with some pictures of flowers and a funny link.

So here are some of my lovelies, lined up for their watering at the sink (please note the sponges, I left them in the shot just for you). Orchids famously like a little neglect. And so I totally oblige them, only remembering to do this about once a month. And at the top are the remnants of some gorgeous, gorgeous bouquets by Gloria of Gloriosa&Co.

And the link? Here you go: a blog where cute animals get told what's what. Seriously funny. With lots of swears. :)


P said...

Hello my dear, it's good to have you back. And I think FUP is just the cure.

Tonya said...

Yes, welcome back! And oh my god, that site. So many good lines. Don't you wish you could write copy like that sometimes? If only they'd let ya?