Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby

and yes, too cold (too cold).

The last few days have been totally surreal. When the freezing rain started on Thursday it just seemed like a normal little winter icing. By late Thursday night, the sound of trees cracking and breaking all around the house kept me awake most of the night. We lost power and it hasn't come back on yet. But thank the gas-guzzling gods for the generator in the garage! Five gallons of gas yields about 10 hours of power, but appliances can only be run one at a time.

The amazing part of this storm is the way everyone came out and pitched in to help. The road was initially totally impassable, but neighbors went out on Friday with chainsaws to clear the large trees and tie up dangling power lines with twine, and when I walked down the mountain into town that afternoon I spent a lot of time clearing away the smaller branches. Now tree crews have come to town all the way from PA to help with the cleanup.

It's going to take a giant effort to get all the debris cleared away. But for now, the views are gorgeous. I took some videos, you can see them here.


zannestar said...

Oooh, pretty pictures! Mother nature is amazing. Hope you are all ok!

P said...

Whoa...that looks totally otherworldly. So beautiful.