Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's Play Tag

I've been tagged by Hojpoj (that's her gorgeous work!)

Now I must list 7 random facts about myself and then get 7 other people do the same.
I'm pretty sure most of the Etsians who have established blogs have been tagged long ago--so I'd love to tag new sellers with brand-new blogs. Comment on this post and I'll tag you!

1. I eat nothing from the sea. The only exception I make is for crab cakes, but they must be about 10:1 on the breadcrumb: crab scale.
2. I have an extensive collection of Linda Ronstadt songs from the 70s.
3. I'm constantly calling my pets by the wrong names.
4. ack, I haven't responded to a MySpace friend request in over a month! Bad bad!
5. I have an orchid obsession. I currently have 8 plants.
6. I have a wickedly good sense of direction.
7. I watch The Bachelor. And I like it.


Robin Marie said...

Ohhh I love crab cakes. With lemon or salsa. Damn...
I did all my MySpace friending today! IT took forever. There were 4 pages to go through!

Robin Marie said...

Thanks for the tag! I do indeed mean Greenfield, MA. I went to NMH, I graduated last year. It's such a beautiful area, you're lucky to live there!